AdQuick! Your promotions, fast!

AdQuick! allows you to easily build professional adverts for your products and offers.

Get more from your promotions by inserting punchy adverts right where your customers will see them - in your collection pages!


No coding needed: Insert your creations directly into your existing collection pages.

Super simple to use: Choose a style, adjust color, add your wording and save you advert to use in collection pages or to download.

Easy color customization: Adjust the pre-designed background colors - new designs added every month!

Your text, your way: Add lines of text to describe your offer, like '20% SALE', and 'FREE DELIVERY, October only!'

Download: Download 800x800px adverts you've created, and use them in your homepage, blogs or external sites like Instagram. Save all your adverts for re-using later - ideal for repeat events, like Black Friday, January Sales and Christmas.

Different collections, different adverts: You can have a different advert in every collection, maybe one is a 'SALE' collection, and another is a 'Free Delivery' collection - AdQuick allows multiple adverts running at the same time, in any or all collections!